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St. Paul Catholic Church Lexington, Kentucky

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2014.
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Client: Schnell Contracting

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Job Type: Restoration

Scaffold Type: Systems Scaffold

St. Paul Catholic Church was dedicated in 1868 and is a proud member of the BGT and has been awarded The Bronze Plaque from BlueGrass Trust for Historic Preservation. St. Paul Catholic Church is located in the heart of the Historic District in downtown Lexington.

Schnell Contracting sought out American Scaffoldings, Inc. expertise to design and build a scaffold platform that would allow ease of access during the restoration process. The scaffolding platform was designed around two concepts: preserving historical detail and ease of access. American Scaffolding, Inc. with the help of Neiheisel Steel Corp designed a steel structure that was integrated within the steeple itself to prevent any direct loading onto the existing roof structure that could cause any structural damage. This was combined with a solid layout in order to allow large pieces of stone to be moved easily and freely from the face of the building to a landing platform.