RGC Swing Hoists are ruggedly constructed to handle heavy, bulking loads of up to 2000 lbs. That’s a full ton of material! Available in 1000 lb. (HS1000) and 2000 lb. (HS2000) capacities, Swing Hoists are easily transported in pieces and then assembled with self-locking pins and basic hand tools. Standard hydraulic winches are available for each model hoist, as well as the HydraWinch HD that will lift 1000 lbs. up to 700 ft. or 2000 lbs. up to 350 ft.

Swing Hoists are powered by one of the many models of RGC gas and electric HydraPaks. Each HydraPak and hydraulic winch provide smooth, precise boom, lifting and lowering control.

Swing Hoist Features

  • Meets or exceeds applicable ANSI specifications.
  • Protective operator fence.
  • Swing boom unloads materials a safe and clear distance from roof’s edge.
  • Self-locking hydraulic boom.
  • Total up and down movement control.
  • Split leg frame design for easy transporting.
  • Self-locking pin clamps for fast no-tool assembly.
  • No-hardware winch mounting.
  • Cable keeper for added lifting stability.
  • Nesting ballast weights included.
  • Full range of accessories available.

Hand Swing Hoist

The RGC SH300 is a portable, lightweight hand hoist with a swing boom and lifting capacity of 300 lbs. It is easily assembled and comes standard with boom lock and ballast weights. An optional gin pulley and operator fence are available for added safety. The SH300 is ideal for lifting Swing and Trolley Hoist frame components to the roof. NEW SH300 with handwinch for easier operation.

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