American Scaffolding, Inc. offers a 401(k) plan to all employees. A 401(k) allows employees to save a part of their paycheck and invest it in a savings account before taxes are collected.


American Scaffolding, Inc. offers an affordable and versatile healthcare plan to employees and their families. Our health care coverage includes a medical plan along with the option to add dental and vision coverage.

Bonus Program

American Scaffolding, Inc. offers a profit sharing program with employees. It comes in the form of a bi-weekly bonus and mirrors production and efficiency when completing jobs.

Uniform Allowance

American Scaffolding, Inc. offers a uniform allowance that includes boots, pants, shirts, sweatshirts, and cold weather gear. American Scaffolding, Inc. also  provides fall protection, hard hats, and other accessories to help get the job done safely.

Paid Time Off, Sick Days & Holidays

American Scaffolding, Inc. offers PTO and sick days based on the employees tenure with the company. PTO and sick days allow for employees to get that much needed rest and relaxation. PTO gives them a chance to step back and enjoy some time off with their family and friends. Sicks days allow for employees to recover from an illness or take a day of to take care of their sick child. Paid holidays are observed and follow local customs. American Scaffolding, Inc. is understanding and will work with employees so that everyone is happy.


Last but not least, American Scaffolding, Inc. is extremely flexible and understanding. Unexpected life events can happen at a moment’s notice and American Scaffolding, Inc. is here to help get you through those without creating any extra burdens. American Scaffolding, Inc. understands that employees are our #1 asset and are more than willing to help out where possible.