Systems Scaffold Advantages

  • Systems scaffold is erected quickly and easily
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • No bolts or screws
  • Premeasured components/ no measurements needed
  • Conforms to any angle or curve
  • Rigid and safe
  • Versatile
  • Can be used in conjunction with tube and clamp
  • Maintenance free
systems scaffolding

Rosette Mouthpiece/Wedge Pin Lock System

The high-strength, elastic Mouthpiece uses a patented Wedge Pin with a reverse slope. The Wedge Pin engages the Rosette entirely through its vertical surface, ensuring that the Mouthpiece is properly seated on the Rosette while the Wedge is engaged. The compression area of the Mouthpiece connector is dramatically increased by reversing the lobes, thereby providing greater mass area at the bottom of the Mouthpiece.

Systems Scaffold Diagram - Rosette, Wedge Pin, Mouthpiece

Systems Scaffold Rosette

The Universal Systems Scaffold Rosette provides total flexibility to lock in any angle plus quickly and accurately align at 90° angles using the keyhole positions. Each Rosette can have up to eight connections at one time.

Systems Scaffold Diagram - Rosette

Systems Scaffolding In Use