What to Expect

American Scaffolding, Inc. challenges you to not only become a better worker but a better person. Growth is prompted by the tools, training, and skills administered by American Scaffolding, Inc. and its staff.

At American Scaffolding, Inc,. you will work with other scaffold erectors that provide top notch service and safe access solutions. Build scaffold is not just about working harder. It is about communication and working smarter with your team and customer in order to provide the best customer service. From frame scaffold to suspended scaffold, our employees erect and dismantle an array of scaffolds to help conquer any access problem. American Scaffolding, Inc. is located in Cincinnati, OH but that does not limit us from servicing Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and more. Louisville, Lexington, Columbus, Dayton, and Indianapolis are just a few of the other cities we frequent daily. At American Scaffolding, Inc. we provide innovative access solutions to help customers get the job fast.

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Transparency in Coverage

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