Scaffolding Safety

Stay safe on the job with top-of-the-line scaffolding safety equipment and training on how to use it.

Safety Equipment

FrenchCreek Production Fall Safety Equipment

Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL)

Leading edge units include a shock absorbing pack to reduce fall arrest forces, and a high strength galvanized steel cable lifeline.

Fall Protection Harnesses

Full-body fall protection harnesses for a variety of applications including ladder climbing, descent control, suspension/rigging, welding and more.

550 Full Body Harness

850A Full Body Harnesses

Stratos Navigator Full Body Harness

Safety Lanyards

Easy to use safety lanyards in several different lengths and styles to meet your unique work needs.

Shock Absorbing Web Lanyard

Rebar Chain Assembly

Wire Rope Shock Absorbing Lanyards

K-Strong Anchorage Products

Horizontal Lifeline System

Includes installation carabiner at each end, tension indicator, two anchor straps and a fall/impact indicator.

Ladder Climbing System

Climbing cable system for fixed ladders.  Includes cable, termination hardware and cable grab.

Roofers Kit (box)

25 ft. lifeline.  Includes adjustable harness, rope, rope grab assembly, and reusable roof anchor.

Roofers Kit (bucket)

Choice of 25 or 50 ft. lifeline.  Includes adjustable harness, rope, rope grab assembly, reusable roof anchor, storage bucket with lid.

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Ladder Extension Kit

Ladder extension davit kit for fixed ladders.  Designed to be attached to the upper section of the ladder allowing the user to be connected at all times, ensuring complete safety.

Vertical Rope Lifelines

Vertical rope lifelines available in 25′, 50′, 100′, and 500′.  Locking snap hook on anchor end, other end cut and taped.

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Choker Style Anchor Strap with Wear Pad

Length options: 3′, 4′, 6′, 10′, 16′, 24′, 30′.

“Pass Thru” Style Anchor Strap with Wear Pad. One large D-ring and one small D-ring with 3″ wear pad.

Wire Cable Slings

PVC Coated Wire Cable Sling. Choker “Pass Thru” Style with Large O-ring at one end and Small O-Ring at other end. Available 3, 4, or 6 ft.

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Scaffolding Safety Trainings

Our goal is to educate customers with the appropriate skills to safely and efficiently complete their jobs. Our training ranges from suspended scaffolding and fall protection training, as well as OSHA 10-Hour and Crane and Signal Training. Additionally, American Scaffolding Inc., provides SAIA Competent Person Training Courses in the following areas: Suspended Scaffolding, Frame Scaffolding and System Scaffolding.

All hands-on training is conducted at American Scaffolding’s Cincinnati headquarters, while classroom offerings can be brought right to you. For more information please call 513-353-1181.

American Scaffolding Inc can provide safety training for the following manufacturers:

  • Universal Systems Scaffolds
  • Vanguard Frame Scaffolds
  • Tube and Clamp
  • Superchute Trash Chutes
  • Altrex Modular Swing Stages
  • Bee Access Rigging
  • PowerClimber Hoist
  • Tractel Hoist
  • Bisomac Hoist
  • Beta Max
  • Hi-Lo

Our on site instruction of these various products includes:

  • Detailed product specific informative videos
  • Hands on instructions with a competent scaffold erector
  • Question and answer session

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Call us or fill out our online contact form, and let us know that you’re interested in safety training.

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