Hilmerson Safety Rail System

Minimal components, user friendly design, and self- contained kits all combine for simplicity and ease of use. Optional Bases, Gates, Slab/Stair Grabbers, and Parapet & Wall Mount clamps maximize guardrail flexibility on your job site. 

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System eliminates many recurring project-based costs and allows for quick recovery of acquisition cost and provides a significant return on investment. By purchasing and deploying our safety rail system and eliminating wooden 2×4 guardrails, initial cost can be recovered in as quickly as two project deployments.

The Problem:


  • Dangerous, error prone, and undependable wooden guard rails 
  • Extensive time to install, maintain, remove, store and transport 
  • Wasteful, not reusable, not eco-friendly 
  • Losses on costly OSHA fines and repeat expenses 
  • Negative factors decrease ROI, safety, as well as, increased costs for labor, purchases, and disposal, storage, and shipping of guardrails 

The Solution:


  • Galvanized heavy duty 13g steel, safe, exceeds OSHA standards 
  • Quick and easy installation, removal, storage, site positioning and shipping 
  • Our safety rail system can be reused and re-rented for years 
  • Saves on costly disposal fees, processes, OSHA fines and work losses 

Hilmerson Barrier Fence System

Temporary Construction Fence:

Reuse & Re-rent for 15+ Years. Professional Appearance. Maintenance Free.

No more sandbags! Confidently control a perimeter and reduce trespassing, vandalism and theft with our Construction-GradeTM, panelized system equipped with engineered bases. Optional privacy screening and technology-infused work zone safety and security intelligence capabilities.

Made of heavy duty 13g hot-dipped galvanized steel and 2” square 9g chain link, the Hilmerson Free- Standing Construction Fence SystemTM remains straight & vertical and can be reused and re-rented for 15+ years. Proudly made in the USA!

The Problem:


  • Requires continual maintenance
  • Light 18g steel prone to damage and tip-overs
  • Wasted time driving posts and difficult to make modifications
  • Breached, vulnerable perimeters
  • Unstable, messy sandbag bases
  • Delays caused by fence contractor’s installation and schedule

The Solution:


  • Maintenance free. Lasts 15+ years
  • Heavy duty galvanized 13g steel & 2”square 9g chain link
  • Install panels in minutes. Save time and labor
  • Secure, professional perimeter
  • Engineered weighted (70 lb) or standard base options
  • Bring fence install & removal in-house.
  • Fence panels can be reused and re-rented
  • Easy to stack, ship, store, inventory and reuse