Hilmerson Safety Rail System

Minimal components, user friendly design, and self- contained kits all combine for simplicity and ease of use. Optional Bases, Gates, Slab/Stair Grabbers, and Parapet & Wall Mount clamps maximize guardrail flexibility on your job site.

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System eliminates many recurring project-based costs and allows for quick recovery of acquisition cost and provides a significant return on investment. By purchasing and deploying our safety rail system and eliminating wooden 2×4 guardrails, initial cost can be recovered in as quickly as two project deployments.

The Problem:


  • Dangerous, error prone, and undependable wooden guard rails 
  • Extensive time to install, maintain, remove, store and transport 
  • Wasteful, not reusable, not eco-friendly 
  • Losses on costly OSHA fines and repeat expenses 
  • Negative factors decrease ROI, safety, as well as, increased costs for labor, purchases, and disposal, storage, and shipping of guardrails 

The Solution:


  • Galvanized heavy duty 13g steel, safe, exceeds OSHA standards 
  • Quick and easy installation, removal, storage, site positioning and shipping 
  • Our safety rail system can be reused and re-rented for years 
  • Saves on costly disposal fees, processes, OSHA fines and work losses 

Hilmerson Free-Standing Construction Fence Sytstem

Temporary Construction Fence

Reuse & Re-rent for 15+ Years. Professional Appearance. Maintenance Free.

No more sandbags! Confidently control a perimeter and reduce trespassing, vandalism and theft with our Construction-GradeTM, panelized system equipped with engineered bases. Optional privacy screening and technology-infused work zone safety and security intelligence capabilities.

Made of heavy duty 13g hot-dipped galvanized steel and 2” square 9g chain link, the Hilmerson Free-Standing Construction Fence System remains straight & vertical and can be reused and re-rented for 15+ years. Proudly made in the USA!

The Problem:


  • Requires continual maintenance
  • Light 18g steel prone to damage and tip-overs
  • Wasted time driving posts and difficult to make modifications
  • Breached, vulnerable perimeters
  • Unstable, messy sandbag bases
  • Delays caused by fence contractor’s installation and schedule

The Solution:


  • Maintenance free. Lasts 15+ years
  • Heavy duty galvanized 13g steel & 2”square 9g chain link
  • Install panels in minutes. Save time and labor
  • Secure, professional perimeter
  • Engineered weighted (70 lb) or standard base options
  • Bring fence install & removal in-house.
  • Fence panels can be reused and re-rented
  • Easy to stack, ship, store, inventory and reuse

Hilmerson Barrier Fence Sytstem

Quick & Durable Perimeter Protection

The Hilmerson Barrier Fence System is a simple solution for a common construction problem. If you own and use concrete j/f barriers for perimeter security on your construction sites, this solution is for you. The Hilmerson Barrier Fence System will simplify attaching fence panels to barriers, prevent recurring damage to your barriers, and install quickly and easily. It will also allow large general contractors to bring fence panel installation in house saving time and money.

Perimeter protection fencing on a job site can present a number of challenges. If you’re currently renting fence panels, subcontracting installs, and damaging your concrete barriers, we’ve developed a quicker, easier, and damage free option.

Our fence panels are available in a variety of heights and widths, and our patented saddle mounting brackets can be customized to fit j-barriers or f-barriers – commonly known as k-rails.

The Problem:


  • Damages/Degrades Barriers
  • Leaves Damaged Stud Anchors
  • Offsets Future Installations
  • Creates Foothold to Climb On
  • Lost Revenue to Rental Company

The Solution:


  • Drop-in Anchors Save Concrete
  • Eliminates Damaged Anchors
  • Always Mounts to Same Spot
  • Eliminates Climbing Foothold
  • Retains Your Spend, Better ROI