El Capitan, Yosemite National Park

NOT for the Job Site: Free Solo

When you’re in the scaffolding business, working in any way with or around scaffolding, it’s easy to feel torn between several reactions to Free Solo. These range from “Is the guy NUTS?!?!” to “The guy’s an outright mountain goat and hero!”.

How Scaffolding Led to Stories from Around the World

It’s amazing what a chance glance at scaffolding atop the Tribune Tower can lead to. Somehow it seems fitting. In its most utilitarian way, scaffolding creates a platform that can lift us ever higher. Hopefully, the stories we learn about and create serve to keep lifting us to greater heights as well.
Scoreboard with scaffolding.

The Cincinnati Reds, Scaffolding and the Windy City

One of the first sights to stop us in our tracks was none other than, yes, scaffolding. Frankly, you can’t miss it in Chicago. Still, stopping and starting amongst blaring taxis, this site caught my attention: the historic Tribune Tower with scaffolding perched just near the top of it. Barely visible at street level to the typical pedestrian or motorist, it sang out to me, as one whose blood almost runs through scaffolding.
The Bodie Island Lighthouse standing tall against the blue sky.

From Beacon to Beacon, with a Side of Scaffolding

The story of the restoration work that scaffolding supported at the Bodie Island lighthouse opened our eyes to history that we hadn’t considered before. First, time seems to take on new meaning, when considering that the Bodie Island light had shined steadily for nearly 140 years. The lighthouse first began operating in 1872, and did so day after day, year after year, until 2011, when restoration began.

Summer Road Trip, Installment 1

With summer well underway, it’s fitting that a nostalgic look back at the family road trip is the focus of a newly released book, Don’t Make Me Pull Over. It’s conveniently well-timed for our summer blog series on notable places to visit. “Notable” for us, I admit, in that each has a scaffolding-related story.
The unique ceiling of Union Terminal in Cincinnati

American Scaffolding and Cincinnati’s Historic Union Terminal

The role American Scaffolding has played in the building’s renovation seems like a modest one, providing scaffolding that raises workers to great heights both inside the building and out. This isn’t simply another construction job; it’s restoring a piece of art and revitalizing a piece of history.

Riverside Methodist Hospital Columbus, Ohio

American Scaffolding, Inc. was selected by Pioneer Cladding and Glazing to design a two tier swing stage and 45 degree corner swing stage. Challenges included creating a semi rigid connection between the two swing stages.

Princeton High School Cincinnati, Ohio

American Scaffolding, Inc. was selected by Turner/DAG Construction to design a large multi-level dance floor that would that would form fit to the radius wall featured in the new theatres design. A large obstacle to overcome was creating a radius scaffold that would perfectly fit to the theatre’s architectural design.

Simon Property Group Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana

American Scaffolding, Inc. was selected by Architectural Glass & Metal Company, Inc to design an overhead protection that would allow people as well as vehicular traffic to continue its normal flow to and from the building’s entrances and exits.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Kasota Office & Garage

Pioneer Cladding and Glazing paired up with American Scaffolding, Inc. to safely and efficiently design a custom swing stage platform. American Scaffolding, Inc. creative staff devised a plan that allows work to be performed on the front face as well as the cut out in the wall.

Stratford at Kenwood Assisted Living Cincinnati, Ohio

American Scaffolding, Inc. designed and installed a dance floor swing stage that allowed workers to access the exterior wall and roof overhang. The custom designed swing stage had (4) hoist, one in each corner to allow for a smooth transition up the exterior wall.

Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge

The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge's unique design lends itself to many challenges. American Scaffolding, Inc. caters to nontypical building shapes and designs by creating job specific swing stages that match the exact contour of the building. The adjustable corner allows for custom angles to be created by simply adjusting the corner section to the desired angle.

Great American Ball Park

American Scaffolding Inc was proud to work alongside Ben Hur Construction in developing and building a customized swing stage that fit perfectly around the light towers. The challenges involved in this project ranged from developing a swing stage that would allow ease of access to the light towers themselves to properly installing the system in the safest and most efficient means possible.

St. Paul Catholic Church Lexington, Kentucky

Schnell Contracting sought out American Scaffoldings, Inc. expertise to design and build a scaffold platform that would allow ease of access during the restoration process. The scaffolding platform was designed around two concepts: preserving historical detail and ease of access.

Christ Hospital Mt. Auburn Campus Cincinnati, Ohio

American Scaffolding, Inc. was selected by Messer Construction to design an overhead protection that would allow people as well as vehicular traffic to continue its normal flow to and from Christ Hospitals Emergency Department and Parking Garage.