Client: Pioneer Cladding and Glazing

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Job Type: Exterior Sunshades

Scaffold Type: Custom Double Wide Swing Stage with Single Wide Mount

Pioneer Cladding and Glazing paired up with American Scaffolding, Inc. to safely and efficiently design a custom swing stage platform. American Scaffoldings, Inc. creative staff devised a plan that allows work to be performed on the front face as well as the cut out in the wall.


Client: Paric Corporation

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Job Type: EIFS Installation

Scaffold Type: Dance Floor Swing Stage

American Scaffolding, Inc. designed and installed a dance floor swing stage that allowed workers to access the exterior wall and roof overhang. The custom designed swing stage had (4) hoist, one in each corner to allow for a smooth transition up the exterior wall. Due to the low structural capacity of the roof overhang the rigging had to be a double stacked beam assembly complete with truss assembly in order to get the outreach required. The completed system allowed for ample storage space for EIFS materials and the extra distance to reach the roof overhang with little effort.


Client: AGM

Location: Covington, Kentucky

Job Type: Glass Installation

Scaffold Type: Adjustable Swing Stage

The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge stands out among the skyline in Covington. The unique design makes it like no other building. However, this unique design lends itself to many challenges.

American Scaffolding, Inc. caters to nontypical building shapes and designs by creating job specific swing stages that match the exact contour of the building. The adjustable corner allows for custom angles to be created by simply adjusting the corner section to the desired angle.


Client: Ben Hur Construction

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Job Type: Painting

Scaffold Type: Triangular Swing Stage

Great American Ball Park is home of the first professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds. They have achieved great success since their inception in 1863, including 5 World Series Championships, 10 Pennants, and 15 Playoff Appearances. The reds officially moved to Great American Ball Park in 2003 after a long stay at Cinergy Field (formerly Riverfront Stadium).

American Scaffolding Inc was proud to work alongside Ben Hur Construction in developing and building a customized swing stage that fit perfectly around the light towers. The challenges involved in this project ranged from developing a swing stage that would allow ease of access to the light towers themselves to properly installing the system in the safest and most efficient means possible.