The unique ceiling of Union Terminal in Cincinnati

No question that Union Terminal has a huge place in history. As a transportation hub, the terminal welcomed soldiers returning home from World War II, and also served victims of that global conflict, Holocaust survivors seeking a new home in the United States.


Client: Pioneer Cladding and Glazing

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Job Type: Panel Installation

Scaffold Type: Two Tier Swing Stage and 45o Corner Swing Stage


Riverside Methodist Hospital was originally founded on June 2, 1892 as the Protestant Hospital. Riverside Methodist Hospital is the largest member hospital in the OhioHealth group. The hospital is not-for-profit hospital and is faith based. Riverside Methodist has several specialty centers and services within the hospital, including Neuroscience and Stroke, Heart and Vascular, Maternity and Women’s Health, Cancer Care, Trauma Center II, Hand and Microvascular, Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgeries, Orthopedics, Imaging, and Bariatric Surgery.

American Scaffolding, Inc. was selected by Pioneer Cladding and Glazing to design a two tier swing stage and 45o corner swing stage. Challenges included creating a semi rigid connection between the two swing stages. This was quickly overcome by collaborating with Bee Access to design a cable system that allows both stages to have a direct connection but still allowing some independent movement. Other hurdles in the project included building 20 ft. scaffolding towers in order to assemble the swing stage platform over the existing air handling units. American Scaffolding, Inc. would like to thank Bee Access for the great customer service with the design process and Pioneer Cladding and Glazing for allowing American Scaffolding, Inc the opportunity to design and build this unique swing stage application. 


Client: Turner/DAG Construction

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Job Type: Multi-Level Dance Floor

Scaffold Type: Frame Scaffolding

Princeton High was established in 1955 and has its first graduating class in 1959. Princeton High School is located in Sharonville, Ohio and is a public, co-educational high school. The current student enrollment at Princeton High School stands at around 1,560 students. Princeton High School Princeton High School is one of few schools in the state of Ohio to offer both an International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP).

American Scaffolding, Inc. was selected by Turner/DAG Construction to design a large multi-level dance floor that would that would form fit to the radius wall featured in the new theatres design. A large obstacle to overcome was creating a radius scaffold that would perfectly fit to the theatre’s architectural design. American Scaffolding, Inc was able to obtain such a perfect fit by custom cutting and fitting ¾” plywood to match the radius perfectly. This made a seamless transition between the new theatre and the scaffolding. American Scaffolding, Inc’s attention to detail is very evident in this project all the way down to the easy access stair unit and projected loading platform.