Cast aluminum handle-style endcaps

Featuring cast aluminum handle-style end caps, you will always have a convenient grip with our ladders. The ladders provided by American Scaffolding Inc all feature handles on each end to protect the rail ends from damage while also making it easy to manually transport.

Heavy-duty rung system

Our ladders are designed with your safety and comfort in mind. The rungs are located on 12″ centers, which gives the ladder extra strength for those big jobs. Additionally, they can also help prevent slacking and buckling, with large-size bonds and additional rings attached.

Raised and abraded decking

At American Scaffolding Inc our ladders feature slip-resistant surfaces that will help you stay balanced while climbing or standing on the ladder. This is achieved by having our ladder slots located on a lower level, which also helps prevent material buildup and other slip hazards. We are proud to offer these high quality ladders from Green Bull.

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